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Ankle Fusion

Bunion Corrective Surgery :: Big Toe Fusion or Chielectomy :: Forefoot Surgery
Ankle Arthroscopy :: Ankle Fusion :: Ankle Ligament Reconstruction
Total Ankle Replacement :: Pantalar Fusion :: Triple Fusion
Flat foot & High Arched foot Reconstruction :: Tendon Repair

General Advice

  • Please elevate your foot over a couple of pillows for the first few weeks after your surgery for the wound to heel well
  • Please do not smoke
  • Move your toes and knee as much as possible

Before Admission

  • Do not take food or drink for 6 hours prior to surgery
  • Please take your regular medications with sips of water Wash your feet with soap water
  • Check your foot and ankle for any abrasions, cuts or skin infections

In The Hospital

  • Usual you can go home in 24 to 48 hrs
  • You will have a half plaster which will be changed to full plaster before you go home
  • You will be mobilized with crutches. Weight bearing is allowed through plaster

Expect The Following

  • Pain - You will given a combination of pain killers to take home. Elevation of your foot will help minimizing pain
  • Bleeding – Expect bleeding to some extent. Dressings may get wet with blood. Elevation of your foot will help reduce bleeding. If this continues even after elevation contact the ward nurse
  • Swelling – Every foot and ankle surgery will result in some swelling. Elevation of your foot will help minimizing swelling

Taking Care Of Your Operated Foot

  • Bed Rest – Keep your feet Elevated over a couple of pillows
  • Minimize your mobility - Until the wound is healed well keep your mobility to a minimum. You can take full weight through the plaster
  • Please keep your Plaster - dry and tidy

Further  Appointments

2  Weeks

  • Sutures are removed
  • You will mobilize full weight-bearing with Plaster
  • Please keep the foot Elevated as much as possible
  • Exercise your toes and knee

6  Weeks

  • Plaster is removed
  • Check X-rays are taken
  • Aircast walker is given. You can take full weight through the walker
  • Exercises and physiotherapy are given

3  Months

  • Exercises and physiotherapy to continue
  • Normal shoe wear

What To Expect

  • Post-operative recovery greatly varies from patient to patient
  • A Fair result is expected in 3 months, a good result in 6 months and the foot is at its best at 12 months
  • Swelling will take 9-12 months to come to near normality


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